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Kansai Special Double Chain Stitch Three Needle DLR-1503PTF Heavy Duty Sewing Machines-Industrial Sewing Machines


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Kansai Special Double Chain Stitch Three Needle DLR-1503PTF Heavy Duty Sewing Machines

DLR series is a flatbed, multi-needles (1 ~ 4 needles), double chain stitch machine with horizontal looper movement mechanism. Applications: lap seaming, attaching waistbands and line tapes, and inserting elastic. Major features of DLR series are wide range of applications on mid heavy and heavy weight fabric and Kansai Special's unique rear puller mechanism. These features enable DLR series to produce durable and uniform stitches on mid heavy and heavy weight fabrics.

Subclass 1508PR: Machine with 2 independent lower rollers and a rear puller (4 needle machine for waistbanding and curve sewing)

1503PTF: Machine with rear puller and tractor presser foot (3 needle machine for lap seaming)

1502L: 2 needle machine for line tape attaching

SPF: upper and independent lower puller with angle-adjustable mechanism
Option MD-1: Metering Device

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